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Committee Members

Stuart McLean (01292-590773)
Membership/Band Hire/Web Site

Vice Chairman
Position vacant

Linda Muir (01292-263834)

Accommodation/Raffle organiser

Keith Chenhall (01292-311600)

Special ProjectsTeam:
Sandy Crawford (01292-261946)

Ayr Arts Guild Representative

Dorothy McLaughlin

Rugby Club/Catering liaison


Committee Assistants:

Jim Hutcheon


Doug Smith


How to find us

From January 17th 2014, Ayr Jazz Club will meet at Ayr Rugby Club, Millbrae, Alloway, Ayr.  To find the venue, click on "Get Directions" on the map below to reach the venue. 

Ayr Rugby Club, Millbrae, Alloway, Ayr KA74PJ

For general enquiries, telephone 01292-590773 or e-mail:[email protected]